Jeff Kuzma Podcast

I had a chance to chat with Jeff Kuzma recently about his running career and training. Jeff has been an integral part of the Jim Ryun Running Camp for over 10 years. Back in the late 1990s and up to and during the 2000 Olympic Trials, Jeff was one of the best 800m guys the United States had, backing this up by just missing the Olympic team in 2000 where he finished 5th in the 800m final in a mass finish (race here). 

Jeff is an Air Force Academy graduate and ran for the Air Force's World Class Athlete Program for years. Currently he works as a government contractor and coaches a team of local home school runners while staffing the Jim Ryun Running Camps during the summer. 

We had a little technical difficulty tied to internet speeds on my end, but there is a lot of great content in this podcast about natural progression, training, good coaches and chasing dreams.