Have a question? Odds are you'll find your answer here. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Taken a look and still have questions? You can email us.


Will Jim Ryun be at camp?

Yes. And he's planning on being there every day of all three camps. It's a unique opportunity to not just meet him and hear him speak, but to spend the week, share meals and play frisbee with America's greatest miler. 

IS there an age requirement or limit?

There is no age limit, but we do require that the participant be 13 years old or older. 

What should I pack?

You can view a suggested packing list here.

Where will I be staying?

You will be staying in a typical college dorm room. Depending on which camp location, you will either be in a suite of rooms that share one or two bathrooms, or there will be two communal bathrooms for each hall. Individual showers are enclosed by a stall door or curtain. 

Do you provide transportation to and from the airport?

We do not provide transportation at this time. For older campers, we usually recommend SuperShuttle. They have always been dependable and will drop off and pick up within one or two blocks of our checkin/dorm location.

Will i have a roommate?

Yes. The only exception to this could possibly be once we're getting close to full capacity and would need to utilize the occasional single occupancy room.  

Can i request a roommate?

If you are a younger camper who would really only feel comfortable rooming with a friend, you can email your request here. Otherwise, come to camp ready to meet new people and, quite possibly, form some unique and lasting friendships! 

is this a christian camp?

Yes. Our counselors and many of our speakers are Christians and their faith will play a large roll in the experiences they relate and in their general interaction. We will also begin each day with a brief devotional and a few Christian songs. 

What if I'm not a Christian?

We encourage you to attend anyway. Our goal is not to make anyone feel uncomfortable or out of place. You will not be put on the spot - all we ask is that you keep an open mind throughout the week.

What's the daily schedule?

  • 6:30 Wake-up
  • 6:30-8:15 Workout
  • 8:15-9:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00-9:45 Showers and Room Clean Up
  • 10am-12pm Lecture Periods and Character Development
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-3pm Flat on Back (Rest time)
  • 3:15-4pm Cross Training or Second Run
  • 4-5pm Ultimate Frisbee or other team sports
  • 5-6pm Free Time
  • 6-7pm Dinner
  • 7-9pm Additional Free Time (optional film time from 8-9pm)
  • 9:30pm Lights Out

What is your refund policy?

We cannot give full refunds once we are within two weeks of the start of camp unless there is a death in the family or, due to injury or illness, a doctor's note is provided. 

More FAQs coming soon!!