The Jeff Saint Scholarship Fund

The Jeff Saint Scholarship Fund was launched due to the generosity of camp dad and fellow runner, Jeff Saint (see Jeff's bio here). Founder and President of Marina Plastics, Jeff attended Hillsdale College in Michigan and after joining us as a camper a few summers ago, caught the vision and mission of the camp. We are thrilled to have Jeff partner with us so that we are able to offer scholarships to the Jim Ryun Running Camps!  


Scholarship Application 

This application is for a full scholarship to any of our three camps. In addition to completing the form below, you will need a letter of recommendation from a non-family member. Consider asking a mentor, coach, pastor or employer. The application process is not complete until this letter is received. Recommendation letters will need to be mailed to: 

The Jim Ryun Running Camp

c/o Becca Ryun

P.O. Box 922

Aledo, TX 76008

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